Our services are 10% mobile and for larger jobs we can arrange for shop space as required. Regular service, maintenance and repair include:Head gasket replace, timing belt replace, timing chain, heater system, brakes, suspension, clutch replacement, or any other engine repairs.

Going on a long road trip or vacation getaway? A checkup is good planning! It makes sense to give your car a check before you hit the road. In the above-mentioned safety check up inspection also includes a simulated load test cooling, charging, and starting systems. We will check for troublesome fluid leaks and ensure emergency and spare tire equipment are ready in case of trouble. This test can take almost an hour.

Maintenance Service

Oil & Filter Change
Factory Scheduled Maintenance
30, 60, 90K Mile Service
Transmission Service
Brake Fluid Service
Power Steering Service
Differential Service
Battery Service
Windshield Washers
Wiper Blades
Filter Replacements
Chassis Lubrication
Re-pack Wheel Bearings
Re-pack CV Joints
Various Adjustments
Out of province Inspection

Electrical Systems

Inspection / Diagnosis
Drivability Problems
Battery / Alternator / Starter
Interior / Exterior Lights
Instrument / Gauges
Electrical Wiring
Power Accessories
Heater Controls
A/C Controls
Electronic Climate Controls
Engine Tune-Up 

Fuel Systems

Inspection / Diagnosis
Electronic Duel Injection (EFI)
Diesel Fuel Injection
Emission Services
Fuel Filters
Fuel Pumps
Fuel Lines
Fuel Hoses
Fuel Tanks
Fuel Gauges
Glow Plugs

Drive Train Systems

Engine Overhaul / Replacement
Transmission Overhaul / Replacement
Differential Overhaul/ Replacement
CV Shafts
Drive Shafts
Wheel Bearings Inspection / Diagnosis

Suspension Systems

Inspection / Diagnosis
Shocks / Struts
Tires / Wheels
Ball Joints
Leaf Springs
Coil Springs
Control Arms